European Trail in the Wineyards - Sentiero di San Pietro e Lucia - Novello (CN)

Un sentiero per raccontare la storia e i valori dell'Europa attraverso la storia e i valori delle due comunità.

Durante il Gemellaggio 2013, gli abitanti di Novello e quelli di Kristinestad hanno recuperato un vecchio sentiero che passava attorno al paese.

Targa Sentiero San Pietro e Lucia

I partecipanti si sono divisi in tre gruppi:

  • Gli artisti (che hanno preparato i manufatti artistici da posizionare lungo il sentiero) - Guidati da Graziana e Vincenzo
  • I Giardinieri (che hanno ripulito il sentiero e piantato erbe aromatiche)
  • Gli storici (che hanno realizzato i pannelli informativi relativi alla storia d'Europa a Novello e Kristinestad).

E non si sono dimenticati di festeggiare!

Qui di seguito vi raccontiamo per immagini la storia del Sentiero di San Pietro e Lucia

Sosia? Gemelle? Twins?

You can't believe that 3000Km far away you can find a person which looks so much like you... Graziana and Natalia, secret twins.

Impossibile credere che a 3000Km di distanza ci sia qualcuno che ti assomiglia così tanto... Graziana e Natialia, sorelle segrete

Vincenzo Porretta - Artista in Novello

Vincenzo Porretta ha facilitato uno dei workshop del Gemellaggio Novello Kristinested. Si è occupato di Macramè ed ha donato l'opera raffigurata in allegato alla città di Kristinestad.

La Banca del Tempo di Novello lo ringrazia, e vi invita a cercare sul suo sito maggiori informazioni sulle sue opere.


Artists in Novello

Gianpiero Riva

He was born in Torino in 1930 and has been living in Novello for a long time.- It's here that he met the love of his life and it's here that he chose to wait for the other world in which he believes as a learned man who is loyal to his feelings. Naturally elegant, sensitive and thoughtful, he was art director in the advertising department of a big company, nonetheless, his painting are void of any industrial “contamination”. His brush strokes are sure and experienced in laying the colours and drawing the subject. Riva also loves the informal, as the great existentialism painters painted symbols rather than the mere representation. Riva tells us he paints each and every day, and we hope to see his works soon. Europe is waiting for us!

Livia De Magistris

This beautiful lady moved from Barolo – where she was born and lived until her maturity - to Novello. Se loves painting and reading, two wonderful characteristics that make her a pleasant and interesting person to spend some time with.

She paints misty and dull atmospheres, with natural landscapes, hoarfrosts, fog wrapping vineyards and trees, castles and old farms.

One could call here naïve, but this is not the right definition. She is not interested in transforming her works in goods, she paints with love, with love for research, for the exercise of the good brush stroke which directly expresses such a great feeling for her own land.

Go on Livia, comparison is life and painters will never die!

Oreste Tarditi 1908-1991

His origins are rooted in Novello. Both aristocrat and friend of the simple ones. He lived for painting, his great passion; he painted nature, the sky, rivers, farms. With charcoal he draw the profiles and visage of the contemporaries. He also drew old people, in the local inn at rest time or during their holidays. His flowers are wonderful: gladioli, roses, poppies cheer up the environment where they are exposed, and in dialogue with the household they are one invite to the sweet life of everyday. His frescos are really interesting.

Tartidi has been a conciliator, inviting the conflicting people to drink a glass of Barolo together, so the make every discussion soothed.

Those who looked after the village celebrations remind to everybody the sensitivity of Mr Tarditi, ready to contribute with his paintings, serigraphies or reproductions, to every need of the local initiative.

Oreste Tarditi loved the poets, and he was moved every single time he read “Le nivule” of Nino Costa. Art critics and friends who were writers have named him in national and regional reviews. Oreste Tarditi, Cavaliere and Commendatore will be always a friend of ours.

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